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ELGA Networks was founded in 1996 as an Internet Service Provider company. 20 years later our business has changed significantly due to technology has evolved. The business challenges of our clients have become more complex as well as consumer behavior has changed – and we have changed. Yet, 20 years earlier, ELGA Networks was initiated with belief that intuitive and engaging consumer experiences will help move our clients’ businesses forward – and we still believe that today.

At our core, we are an IT Solution Makers. We aren’t just an ISP whose deliver the internet. Our service is beyond. We aren’t just an IT company that sell canned products. We deliver a solution that fit to our clients’ needs. We believe that every organization is unique – hence, our solution is unique. The solutions we create are multi-platform. We integrate technology platform to suit our clients’ businesses. We deliver IT integrated solutions. We are an IT Integrator.

Medco Group Company
In 2004, ELGA merged in Medco Group Companies. ELGA focus on delivering IT solutions for Medco Group businesses that engaged in Oil & Gas, agribusiness, banking, mining, constructions, power plant, school and foundation, and many more.

What we do?
We strive for helping our clients to gain competitive edge of their business through innovative Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Solutions. We see your problems as an inspiration to ours.


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