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PT Island Connections International (Telunas Resorts)
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08:00 - 17:00
Tentang PT Island Connections International (Telunas Resorts)

Telunas Private Island
Purposely built for couples and families, our Private Island is a distinctive overwater escape featuring utmost exclusivity with an all sea villa concept, freshwater pool, and massage treatments for the ultimate private island escape.

Telunas Beach Resort
Built with groups and large families in mind, Telunas Beach has an overwater community feel with delightful service and just the right amount of comfort for those seeking a simple escape.

Legendary deck jumping and ease of access to one of the region’s best white-sandy beaches along with a host of other options for old-fashioned (non-motorized) fun. Telunas Beach is a group-optimized facility with meeting rooms and custom-built activities for groups.

Local employment:
Where possible, we train and employ staff from the local islands, instead of bringing in outside labor. Many of our staff are local Malay villagers that we trained to meet our high customer service standards.

Traditional architecture and construction:
Our facilities are modeled after surrounding traditional Malay architecture and wisdom.  By building over the water, the ocean naturally cools the rooms without wasteful energy consumption.

Responsible tour offerings:
We were not content with offering the standard cultural arts program, so we worked with surrounding communities to develop tours that are interesting for guests and value adding for the local people.


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