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PT East Indo Fair Trading (East Bali Cashews)
Prov. Bali
Makanan dan Minuman
Senin - Jumat
08:00 - 17:00
Tentang PT East Indo Fair Trading (East Bali Cashews)

East Bali Cashews (EBC) is a young and innovative F&B company with a cashew nut processing factory in remote Karangasem, one of the poorest regions in Bali, Indonesia. Founded in 2012, it combines sustainable and eco-friendly business practices with its mission of community improvement and women empowerment.
EBC capitalizes on the opportunity to process cashews domestically in Bali rather than shipping the raw product overseas for processing as is currently the standard. The company’s focus lies on producing unique, healthy and sustainably sourced cashew snacks for the domestic and international retail market. Since its launch, the company has created 350+ jobs for the local community (90% of whom are women) raising the income of poor families and achieving measureable impact on education and health outcomes for the community.
EBC’s growth has been steep and our products are now successfully being distributed in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and the US. With 1000+ tons of cashews being processes per year and sales growth not foreseeing slow-down, the journey has just begun


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